Access preeminent ♪ If you eat relaxedly, to a colorful Sai Ai (Iroha) ★

  • Saigo Course

    Bird Shogun Central Station Shop Color Sail (Iroha)

    A bird who has a history of more than 30 years of age opened at a central station that is the face of Kagoshima ★

    In the central station shop, we stocked a good range of Kagoshima, chicken, black pig, seafood.

    Prepared this year Saigo course named after Taiga "Saigo Don" in public

    It is a profitable course with out of sight price with generous use of sticky ingredients.

    When you stop by the central station, you must come to Birds General Ayai (Iroha) ★

    NET reservation can also be booked from the following gourmet site ♪

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If you have reasonable all you can eat ♪ Go to Gourmet Street Matryoshka ♪

  • All you can eat 2500 yen ~

    【Bird General Gourmet Street Matryoshka】

    As much as you like, the price is reasonably priced from 2,500 yen ★

    You can use it in various scenes such as girls' party, student banquet etc.

    From B course 3000 yen, steak is all you can eat.

    Recommended for those who want to enjoy delicious Kagoshima casually ♪

    The interior is also casual specifications.

    NET reservation is also accepted from the following gourmet site.

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