[6] «2H [drinking release] Minami Kyushu enjoy course »Kyushu taste plenty of 13 goods \ 4500 (tax)
4500 yen

Tax is the price

Even those outside the prefecture, recommended of course also to local people who want to enjoy deeply the taste of Kyushu.Entry to fresh TogeSakari three / black pig cold shabu / further Miyazaki specialties boast of Satsuma chicken grilled and Kumamoto specialty Amakusa the Great to the chicken overnight dried ⇒ main lever thorns and so on ....


■ sashimi platter

⇒ please at the top season material of the day.

■ marinated chicken

■ Shabu cold of black pig

⇒ delicate sweetness of features Kagoshima specialty!

■ Homemade Fried fish balls

■ seasonal salad

■ bird generals boast of Satsuma chicken broiled

⇒ Needless to say, exquisite menu of roast with grilled!

■ lever thorn

■ of black pig spareribs loin

⇒ gem sweetness comes out Innovation dewar, there is eat Gotae!

■ Japanese beef skewers

⇒ luxury another specialty of Kagoshima "Japanese beef" please in the skewer.

■ porridge

■ dessert